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Geashill National School
Home-School Links Policy

It is recognised by the parents, teachers and Board of Management of this school that the parents are the primary educators of the child. Good home-school links contribute greatly to the quality of education received by the child. To establish these links, an open cordial relationship should exist between parents and teachers which recognises and values the respective roles of each.


  • To facilitate a communicative relationship between teachers and parents to the benefit of our pupils
  • To establish procedures for the sharing of information in relation to pupils' progress
  • To create a school environment where parents and guardians feel welcome and free to discuss their child's progress with teachers
  • To encourage all parents to become involved with the Parents' Association


  • Formal Parent-Teacher meetings will be held every year in the first term where each parent may have a private meeting with their child's teacher(s). The meetings will be held during the hours laid down by the DES. Where parents are unable to attend at this time, they are encouraged to make an alternative appointment with the teacher at a mutually suitable time.

  • The school also encourages periodical informal meetings between teachers and parents which may be initiated by either party as they see fit.

  • Parents will be encouraged to be familiar with the work being done by their child in school and to be aware of what homework is being done. A formal school report will be issued at the end of each school year.

  • Information on school activities will be communicated to parents through periodic letters and bulletins during the year.

  • In accordance with the Educational Welfare Act (2000), explanatory notes on pupil absences must be sent to the class teacher after each absence.

  • At the teacher's discretion, and subject to the principal's approval, parents may be invited to use their expertise in a particular area to assist the teacher in some classroom-based or extra-curricular activities.

Parents' Association

  • The school recognises the benefits of an active parent's association.
  • The association may communicate with the school through meetings between the chairperson/secretary and the principal, particularly after a Parents' Association general or committee meeting.
  • At each of the B.O.M. meetings during the year one item on the agenda will be the parents' representatives' report which allows for two-way communication between the board and parent body.
  • Parent Association support in the provision of resources, financial support and assistance in extra-curricular areas is welcome and appreciated.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is important that all partners in the school community be aware of the parameters of their own and others' respective roles and responsibilities. The school's Catholic ethos must be upheld at all times. Respect for the partners - children, parents, staff and management must be shown at all times.

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